I am a Departmental Lecturer in Mathematics for Chemistry at Oxford. To find online teaching material for my undergraduate maths courses, please see the course websites for Michaelmas and Hilary Terms (Oxford only). My lecture material for the TMCS Maths I course is on the TMCS intranet. See this page for lecture notes on my earlier MSc in Theoretical Chemistry maths course.

This site describes my research, which is in the area of condensed matter theory. The general aim of this field is to characterise and understand the physical properties of materials consisting of enormously large numbers of interacting particles. Of particular interest to me are 'strongly-correlated' systems, where the interactions between particles cannot be treated using so-called mean-field approaches (where only the 'average' behaviour of the particles needs to be considered). For these systems, one must instead develop quantum many-body theories, in which the true, correlated motion of the particles is taken explicitly into account.

I am currently looking at many-body effects on the nanoscale, as observed in the electronic conductance of single molecules, carbon nanotubes and other 'quantum dot' devices. I'm also interested in developing general theories for apprximating many-body systems, and in numerical methods such as the Numerical Renormalization Group. For more information, see my publication list.